The MTB Center El Comtat has its point of welcome in the Hostel of the Serpis in the municipality of Alicante in L’Orxa, in the region of El Comtat, near the towns of Cocentaina, Muro de Alcoi and the city of Alcoi. From the BTT Center, you can easily access the Serpis Greenway, a route that connects the coast from Gandia to the interior of Alicante. The proposed routes run through the mountains that encircle the stretch of the Serpis river before entering the Estret de l’Infern, the only possible step towards the sea and the coastal plains. Here the valley closes and on the most demanding routes, the indicated itinerary traces the anticlinales until leaving it to follow well along the slopes without losing altitude, or to descend to other parallel valleys as is the case of the Vall del Vernissa, the Vall de Gallinera or Vall d’Alcala.


It proposes a route of almost 255 km. Distributed in nine routes of different difficulty, perfectly marked, which are accessed from the reception point of L’Orxa and from the information points located in the municipalities of Beniarrés and Planes.

From 2015, the Center BTT El Comtat has a new information point located in the Ermita de Sant Vicent in the Valencian town of Agullent, from which five new routes are started with a total of 176 km, thus expanding the possibilities of users. More information about routes and services on the telephone 96 290 71 16

With these new itineraries, connect two centers btt: El Comtat and Massís del Caroig in Moixent. You can also visit localities such as Ontinyent, Albaida, Carrícola, Otos, Pobla del Duc, Bocairent, Banyeres de Mariola, etc.

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  • 1 Very easy
  • 2 Easy
  • 3 Difícult
  • 4 Very dificult