Vall d’Albaida is a natural and historical región situated in Valencia Community. Has borders with important regións such as “La Costera” and “La Safor” in the Valencia Province and “l’Alcoia “ and “ l’Alt Vinalopo” in the Alicante Province.  The climate of the Vall d’Albaida región is mediterranean and it is formed by thirty four municipalities. The population of the región is almost 90.000  inhabitants and Ontinyent,  which is the capital of the región has more tan 35.500 inhabitants. A wide  network of roads links the whole región. In order to  get to  the región from Valencia and Alicante, there is the A7 highway connecting with the regional roads CV-40 , CV-60 , and CV- 81 and so , all towns from the región  can be visitated. The regional roads that connect  Gandia town  with the Vall d’Albaida región are CV-60 and CV-686 and the central área of the región is crossed by the N-340 national road. In order to get to the región there are also different means of transport such as bus ( using the Valencia – Villena or Valencia – Alcoi   bus line ), taxi or train ( using the Valencia – Alcoi train line)  which  connects with the following towns : Beniganim , La Pobla del Duc , Montaverner , Bufali , Albaida , Agullent , and Ontinyent. . La Vall d’Albaida is located  about 80 km from the Valencia airport and 90 km from the Alicante airport , both airports well connected with the región by highway and regional roads.

The wide gastronomic , cultural, artistic and natural offer along with sports and adventure activities make the tourists enjoy this región.