Vall d’Albaida stands out for the enormous diversity it presents in its activities and products. By grouping these activities and products, based on common facts, we propose a series of routes that you will find very attractive and you will want to do immediately.

The first section refers to the route of the Medieval Villas (Llutxent, Albaida, Ontinyent and Bocairent), where we propose to take a tour of these cities and discover the reminiscences that still can be admired today.

Then another route: the one of the villages of the Benicadell, the most emblematic mountain of the region. It is about taking a walk through the villages of Benicadell. There you will find a lot of monumental resources, as well as absolutely welcoming people.

A very curious route, the one of the Sun Clocks. If we have said that we are in a land with a great amount of sources, the same thing happens with the sundials, that have become an adornment for the houses and the buildings. A route worthy of being followed.

Finally, we propose a route that has to do with the elaboration of the typical products of our region. It is about taking a look at the process of making the most famous products of our land. You can not miss it.