Fontanars dels Alforins

Altitude (m): 630
Population: 973
Surface (km2): 73
Postal Code: 46635
Demonym: alforiner, alforinera


This charming town from the Albaida Valley is possibly the youngest in the region. It was not until 1927 when it was born as a municipality under the name of Fontanares and segregated from the municipality of Ontinyent. The town, as it is known today, unites the most modern place-name, Fontanars with the traditional name of the whole territory, Alforins, to give name to a manorial and farmers land. Border and transition between the Valencian valleys and the Castilian flat , its wine land, the lime kilns and the Sunday market, are three reasons to visit Fontanars del Alforins. A town of recommended visit where the landscape forces you to take the camera hanging around your neck.

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